Consumer Proposal Program

ADS will work with your trustee to ensure that your settlement offer provides you with the maximum amount of savings and lowest payment amount possible. Our consultant works to ensure that your rights and assets are top priority and that you have unbiased representation.

We will immediately place all creditors on notice of your intent to settle your debts to help eliminate the collection calls that you are receiving. You will be required to meet with your consultant to discuss your overall financial situation and work out a potential settlement repayment plan , that is required to be approved by your trustee of choice.

You are required to provide all pertinent information listed on our checklist. ADS will liaison with the trustee to work on a finalized consumer proposal repayment plan that is governed under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act. You will have the opportunity to meet with your consultant to review all legal documents prior to signing at the trustee’s office. Your consultant will complete your required debtors counseling sessions and ADS will monitor your file to ensure your discharge is completed successfully.

Upon discharge of your consumer proposal you are required to complete our Credit Repair Program